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Website Development
-Design and Creation-

Show off in a way you cannot anywhere else. A good website shows who you are and how good you are at what you do.


Your site will "live" on a cloud VPS - a totally secure virtual private server. "Cloud" and "Virtual" mean that if your site grows or its traffic increases, the technology will grow with it to maintain optimum performance.

Care Plan

Websites need to be looked after. Regular backups, security updates, renewing software licencing and many other tasks. Your care plan includes all this and hosting as well as some tweaks and tasks every month.


Personal blogs and Small Brochure sites
from $ 2495
per site
plus $65 monthly hosting/care plan
  • Full website: up to 5 pages. All you need to start Home, About, Contact, Blog/info, Slideshow/Gallery, Info. Plus 2 revisions. Extra pages $125 each. One page is about a desktop screen size. Extra functionality poa
  • Choose from a wide range of secure templatesPre-built templates to simplify and tailor your design decisions
  • Domain name of your choice, as availableChoose your own domain name. Annual registration included in hosting/care plan
  • One month personal care plan included.Hosting and site management included in first month. Small tweaks each month. See button below for details
  • Fully responsive display for whatever deviceThe secure templates fully adapt to device size. Separate configuration for specific requirements is available for an extra charge
  • Speed optimised and secured with SSLModern browsers now check that sites are securely encrypted and warn you if that is not the case.


Your business presented to the world just as you want it
from $ 4995
per site
plus $70 monthly hosting/care plan
  • Full Website: up to 12 pages Built from the ground up, designed and (if needed) we can also create all your content, source photos and even design a new logo. $125 for each extra page
  • Premium templates or your own examples Be inspired by other websites, premium templates or your own design ideas
  • Domain name of your choice, as availableChoose your own domain name. Annual registration included in hosting/care plan
  • One month free business care plan.Hosting and site management included for first three month. Up to 30 mins project time each month. See button below for details
  • Bespoke designs for all display sizesDesktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes will be individually designed for best display
  • Speed optimised and secured with SSLModern browsers now check that sites are securely encrypted and warn you if that is not the case.

Bespoke tailored

eCommerce, membership, courses
A la carte extras as required
from $ 7995
Whatever options or functionality you need,
tailored just for you.
plus $95 monthly hosting care plan
  • Full website: completely customisableSo many extras are available, some free, some premium. See below...
  • eCommerce and Marketing
  • Membership and Courses
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimisation
  • High bandwidth and performanceHigh traffic? More processors, more memory, higher bandwidth. It's extra but if you need it, it can be added, any time.
  • Updating blog content, social media etcIt is time consuming but is a real boost for SEO. Keep your site alive.
  • Experts for copywriting, SEO, pro-designWe build beautiful websites but are not experts in everything. We can work with any of our network of specialists to focus on your extra needs


Icons by dDara from is licensed by CC 3.0
Icons made by Pixel Buddha from Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash Beach Image by  Gregory Culmer Icons made by Freepik from Icons made by fjstudio from Icons made by Pixelmeetup from Icons made by Darius Dan from 
This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Out of the box,  your site will be built to be fully on-page SEO-optimised, properly structured with the aid of state-of-the-art SEO add-on software. This is called on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO can be a specialised, labour intensive task. Buying a search ranking boost by using Google adwords, can be expensive and common keywords are auctioned to the highest bidder. As a service I offer, one hour a month will buy a 500 word blog and backlinks from 3 social network sites. Or I can put you in touch with one of my associates who are SEO experts but can charge more than $100 a month though you would be in good hands


Search engines only care about users finding what they are looking for. It used to be that keywords were everything, but “keyword stacking” (duplicating hidden keywords many times on a site) no longer works, or worse. Good usage of keywords takes research and premium tools. As an add-on service I can quote depending upon the nature of your business


“Content is king” – Google’s AI means it can determine if the site is what it says; words relating to the subject need to be relevant, informative and used appropriately, do keywords in headings match the content. How fresh is the content or the site for that matter. Regular blogging can help this.  Genuine content is vital, Google is getting more accurate day by day. You are the expert on your particular business and if necessary I write content to give you an idea of what is needed and where. If you need me to research and provide detailed content, I can do so charged hourly.


Building a reputation involves many elements. Essentially Google looks for evidence that your site has what its seekers are looking for.  Factors such as how many seekers click through to your site, social network links and how many different sources refer back (back links) to your site. Google looks for attempts to “game the system” such as buying backlinks (paying for fake references from spurious sources) whcih can lead to a reduction in search ranking or even possible blacklisting so the site no longer appears in search results. Remedying this can take years and it is often best to start from scratch rather than recover from the loss of reputation.


“Membership” means a lot of things ranging in complexity from just registering users on your site and perhaps requiring them to login, restricting content perhaps to certain levels of membership to full-blown subscriptions for premium content.

I will evaluate your requirements and give you the best and most cost-effective solution. This might simply be allowing for users to be registered on your site so that they can subscribe to a newsletter (where you can deal with the administration of payments etc outside of your site). Add-on membership systems abound, but most will allow for setting up of regular subscriptions through PayPal and Stripe etc. Depending upon your site, you may need to integrate with your merchant functionality or perhaps a learning management system for premium course material.

Most of these require some form of monthly/annual licencing which will require adjustments to your care plan to cover the extra licencing costs. The site development will also require extra work to integrate with your site’s functionality.

A relaxing, therapeutic massage including pure essential plant oils blended and selected for your individual needs.

One hour
45 euros

30 mins
30 euros


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It’s a complicated world, the world of online selling. So I make it easy for you by using WooCommerce – the most popular shopping platform on the internet, by far. Used byover 3 million businesses worldwide, small and large.

The possibilities are boundless but I make it easy for you. We talk and figure out what you need – taxes, shipping, payment gateways plus all sorts of variations depending upon your specific products and business.  I will guide you through the options leading you to the most efficient and easy to use site for you and your customers.

The cost depends upon any specific extras you require. There is an initial extra for integration and implementation (usually around 50% on top of the site cost). There are also extra monthly licence costs for some of the add-ons. It is easy for these to accumulate, but I will guide you to what will work for your business at the most economical cost.



There are a lot of options for marketing on the internet. Starting with simply collecting email address of prospects and following a mailing plan. You can connect up with advertising possibilities such as Facebook and Google.

I have a number of options that help you through the process. Made easy by simple email templates and strategies, tried and tested by email marketing experts.



Managed WordPress Pro server

Content Delivery Network by CloudFlare


All Care Plans Include...

All the time

Every Month

Specific Plans Plus...

Personal plan - $35 pm

Tweaks and fixes.

Business plan - $50 pm

Website care report. Tweaks and fixes plus weekly /daily (as required) backups and up to 30 mins additional tasks (non-transferable). Extra tasks $75 ph

Performance plan (for high access sites) p.o.a

As above plus bespoke performance specifications eg. extra storage, extra processors and extra bandwidth. Required for high traffic ecommerce or membership sites.