Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

Out of the box,  your site will be built to be fully on-page SEO-optimised, properly structured with the aid of state-of-the-art SEO add-on software. This is called on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO can be a specialised, labour intensive task. Buying a search ranking boost by using Google adwords, can be expensive and common keywords are auctioned to the highest bidder. As a service I offer, one hour a month will buy a 500 word blog and backlinks from 3 social network sites. Or I can put you in touch with one of my associates who are SEO experts but can charge more than $100 a month though you would be in good hands


Search engines only care about users finding what they are looking for. It used to be that keywords were everything, but “keyword stacking” (duplicating hidden keywords many times on a site) no longer works, or worse. Good usage of keywords takes research and premium tools. As an add-on service I can quote depending upon the nature of your business


“Content is king” – Google’s AI means it can determine if the site is what it says; words relating to the subject need to be relevant, informative and used appropriately, do keywords in headings match the content. How fresh is the content or the site for that matter. Regular blogging can help this.  Genuine content is vital, Google is getting more accurate day by day. You are the expert on your particular business and if necessary I write content to give you an idea of what is needed and where. If you need me to research and provide detailed content, I can do so charged hourly.


Building a reputation involves many elements. Essentially Google looks for evidence that your site has what its seekers are looking for.  Factors such as how many seekers click through to your site, social network links and how many different sources refer back (back links) to your site. Google looks for attempts to “game the system” such as buying backlinks (paying for fake references from spurious sources) whcih can lead to a reduction in search ranking or even possible blacklisting so the site no longer appears in search results. Remedying this can take years and it is often best to start from scratch rather than recover from the loss of reputation.