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Search Engine Optimisation is an endless task. At the outset, WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly environments to develop a website. Adding SEO plugins such as All-In-One SEO enables even better SEO but there is no end to what can be done, often with diminishing returns.

Site specific

Content is king in the world of SEO. Google’s strategy for scouring the net favours good content. Artificial intelligence matches search phrases and serves the closest matches but also favours other factors such as how many other sites have linked to any given page – (backlinks).

It used to be possible to “keyword stuff” but keywords in the header are largely ignored now. It is possible to build links yourself but Google recognises the quality of the sites from which those links come from and rates your site accordingly. So faking backlinks doesn’t work either.

A lot more work can be done on the actual site such as building schemas for each page to help Google interpret each page.  Time consuming but this is one of the add-ons I offer to help build SEO.

Google is constantly upgrading its “secret sauce” for rating sites – even employing real people to check that sites are what they say they are. There is a handbook for these real people to follow that is very detailed and if your site is rated badly you can drop in Google rating drastically. Any false SEO tactics on your site, misrepresentation, false backlinks or even keyword stuffing – once detected will result in a downgrade that is very difficult to appeal against.


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One hour
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30 mins
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It’s a complicated world, the world of online selling. So I make it easy for you by using WooCommerce – the most popular shopping platform on the internet, by far. Used byover 3 million businesses worldwide, small and large.

The possibilities are boundless but I make it easy for you. We talk and figure out what you need – taxes, shipping, payment gateways plus all sorts of variations depending upon your specific products and business.  I will guide you through the options leading you to the most efficient and easy to use site for you and your customers.

The cost depends upon any specific extras you require. There is an initial extra for integration and implementation (usually around 50% on top of the site cost). There are also extra monthly licence costs for some of the add-ons. It is easy for these to accumulate, but I will guide you to what will work for your business at the most economical cost.



There are a lot of options for marketing on the internet. Starting with simply collecting email address of prospects and following a mailing plan. You can connect up with advertising possibilities such as Facebook and Google.

I have a number of options that help you through the process. Made easy by simple email templates and strategies, tried and tested by email marketing experts.



Managed WordPress Pro server

Content Delivery Network by CloudFlare


All Care Plans Include...

All the time

Every Month

Specific Plans Plus...

Personal plan - $35 pm

Tweaks and fixes.

Business plan - $50 pm

Website care report. Tweaks and fixes plus weekly /daily (as required) backups and up to 30 mins additional tasks (non-transferable). Extra tasks $75 ph

Performance plan (for high access sites) p.o.a

As above plus bespoke performance specifications eg. extra storage, extra processors and extra bandwidth. Required for high traffic ecommerce or membership sites.